Trnovany, kaple sv. Rocha


Trnovany, kaple sv. Rocha

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The chapel was rectangular with a gable, roof and rear zvalbenou Sanctus. The entrance facade was finished in semicircular, the sides had one semicircular window. Chapel stood north of the "red" church in Trnovany. When it was built in 1910, "red" church, apparently lost its relevance after 17 years was demolished and in its place was built a memorial to the fallen of the first world war (which today also worth). Altar dedicated Vol. Roche, which comes from the chapel, was transferred to the neighboring "red" church, where he still serves as the right side altar. The chapel is drawn on the map from Stable register 1842 - The land on which the chapel stood, it belongs to the city Teplice.
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